Acción Puerto Rico - Who We Are

Bill Horan, President is the previous President & COO of Operation Blessing International leading and growing it from a $37 million dollar organization in 2001 to a $346 million a year NGO by the time of his departure in 2018. He worked directly with numerous countries, governments, non-profits, NGO's, states, and municipalities to develop health and well-being programs as well as obtain federal reimbursements after natural disasters from FEMA for eligible entities.

Chris Baker, Vice President is an experienced business development entrepreneur and consultant for HUD and other federal programs compliance including CDBG-DR. Over the past two decades he has assembled numerous teams to work through disaster programs and established procedures to meet the needs of governmental and corporate clients, all of this being accomplished within the framework and compliance guidelines of Housing and Urban Development.

Why Acción

As a local, Puerto Rico 501(c)(3), Not for Profit Corporation, we have seen firsthand how non-profits, businesses and communities suffer when they miss out on financial benefits and supplies, including machinery & equipment, information and development opportunities that aid in recovery and resiliency; advancing the progress of communities and  residents. We help connect those who are disconnected from opportunities; we help solve problems, large and small. If your community or organization has a problem and don't know how to solve it, contact us. There are numerous federal funding sources such as CDBG-DR that may be available to fund your goals. Acción is here to connect you!